A day in my (food) life


Alarm clock rings…is it time to get up already? 6:00 AM and back at it. Good thing I packed my lunch yesterday, have the dinner ready to go (thank you to the inventor of the Crock Pot), showered and hair blow dried (I’m telling you, I have this down), and breakfast made (hopefully it is better today!)

A day in my life feels like it speeds by and if I do not prepare for it the night before it makes for a lot of steps and results in a late, frazzled teacher so each and every weeknight I take my time doing everything I dread doing in the morning. With this transition to a cleaner lifestyle, packing lunches and breakfast takes a bit more time. Everything I buy has to be bagged or wrapped up.

The first thing I eat in the morning is overnight oats. I have been experimenting with this and the recipe I am using. I have not gotten it perfect yet but as soon as I find a few recipes that I like and that don’t taste like mush, I will share.


By lunch time, I am pretty hungry and excited to eat my masterpiece that I packed the night before. Lately, lunch has been four roll ups of a meat and half a piece of cheese. This week it happens to be ham and Swiss cheese. (yum!) I also pack a mini hummus, whole grain rice crackers, assorted fruit, and a Fiber One Sugar Cookie. Believe it or not the sugar cookie has very few ingredients, no food coloring, and a lot of fiber. While I know there are better choices, these are delicious and much better than Swiss Cake Rolls (which I really, really love and know are horrible for you)

Impressive right?

Snack time! Woohoo, right before I crash and burn (or begin becoming irrational and irritable) I have a little snack. This either takes place on the drive home from work or at work if I have to stay late which happens fairly often. This week, snack has consisted of a Mott’s Applesauce Natural Squeezable which is just apples, water, and vitamin C and these awesome pre-packaged raw almonds from Trader Joe’s. These were just about the same price as the bag of loose almonds for right around the same ounces. There was about a 40 cent difference and they already come portioned for me, SCORE! While raw almonds are not my favorite snack (and I know my boyfriend really does not like them but just doesn’t say it) they are a trick to keeping me full and giving me crunch. I always try to eat them along side a fruit to add some flavor.

Finally, one of my favorite times of the day. DINNER! I made it! Time to relax and watch a new episode of the Bachelor. No wine and cheese tonight but this dinner sure was delicious. I am not usually a fan of chili but my boyfriend is loves it. I always feel like it is an incomplete meal as a I like a lot of components to my dinners but this recipe was awesome! I found it on this blog which I LOVE: Stacy Makes Cents which leads you to the particular chili recipe I tried that came from this blog: Intentional by Grace . What I love about this recipe is you can throw it all in the Crock Pot and it is ready by the time you come home. Of course, to not add to my morning routine you can bag it the night before in a Ziploc and just throw it in the Crock Pot on your way out the door. I added a can of corn to this recipe to give it a little southwest flavor and because I am dreaming of eating a corn on the cob from the fair, LOL. My boyfriend (and I) got seconds of this meal and we had some leftover for later in the week. Definitely a score and there was only one pot to clean!

Delicious and so simple!
After about an hour of the Bachelor drama and keeping up with my bracket (think Fantasy Football and Bachelor colliding) it was time for something sweet. Sin in a carton, I mean Haagen-Dazs, was BOGO at Publix this week and what can I say, I rather have a few spoonfuls of ice cream than none at all. We stuck to Dulce de Leche and a new flavor I have never seen before, Tres Leches Brigadeiro. Both taste like heaven! While I know Haagen Dazs may not be everyone’s favorite brand of ice cream, especially when it comes to clean eating, treats like this are something I will always like a little bit of. We enjoy our little treat and know that once it is gone, it is gone. Again, this is much better than being an ex-ice cream hoarder (who me, never!).


And with that, I begin my routine all over again and prepare for the next day of delicious eats. I must say that after a week of eating like this and staying away from jalapeno chips (how I miss you), stacked up sandwiches on white bread (extra mayo), Hot Pockets (for breakfast!), chips and dip (as a daily snack), and a lot less other junk (hey, at least I am honest), I feel so much better. I still have moments where I am so tired but teaching pre-teens will do that to you no matter what kind of power foods you are eating but I just feel great overall. I would get into more details about iron and fiber but I don’t think we are there yet (too much? lol). Overall, I am excited about this change and even more excited to see where this journey takes me.

Until next time!






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